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Community nowadays

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1 Community nowadays on Sun Dec 05, 2010 5:58 pm


So, I was playing some battlemon basic mode. A player called oDOWNLOADo entered with her/his pet called UpLOAD. During the game, he/she's like:


Me in my head: What the hell is talking about?
Me in the chat:
I don't delay Oo

After I've pointed again, he/she's like:


I don't delay



(Not sure what this should end as...)

After the match:

My 666. game (I guess you all know what 666 means)
ended in a disaster

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2 Re: Community nowadays on Sun Dec 05, 2010 6:17 pm

For me is obvious: he explained you how yankees destroyed his internet connection and that's why he has lag.

Well, serious now: He's from Brazil. Have you ever seen a smart brazilian? Their talent is to kick balls..joga bonito. ^^

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3 Re: Community nowadays on Sun Dec 05, 2010 6:29 pm

if i understood it right, he didnt say anything against u.. problem is that many people from brazil have bad english knowledge somehow and so are often misunderstood.

hes saying that he has a good connection, but hes too far from server what is right.

i dont know this guy since i always leave his rooms, but im sry for people like ozzyosbourne for example or what his name is, since he is a friendly person as long u dont insult him..but the lag makes it unplayable for them.

what i dont understand is, that they complain every game i play against people from south america about lag... they now that they will lag so why are they complaining again and again?
and i dont get why they spend ap for a game where they now that its not really playable for them?
or why do they even go on playing ft at all?
with the money they spend for ap they could buy a normal game as well where they dont lag..what ever.

but to give a comment to ur topics name:
yes, the community (mostly) really sucks nowadays Wink

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