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Ra-ra-ratatouile xD

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1 Ra-ra-ratatouile xD on Mon Nov 01, 2010 12:49 pm

Most of you don't know me as player and person so I decided to introduce myself here.

About my real life:My name is Raoul/Andrei, I was bornt on 13th Feburary 1994, so I'm 16 years old. I live in Craiova, a Romanian city. I like very much sports, mostly football and this is one of ways I spend my free time.(watching,playing,commenting) When I play with my friends I prefer play Goalkeeper or Striker but also can try play where team needs me. xD My favorite football team is Universitatea Craiova(most fanatical supporters, had moments of glory in the '80s, like Napoli in Italy or Leeds Utd in England, I'm on stadium each home match and sometimes I'm going with fans to sing at away matches(but rarely xD).I'm Real Madrid fan (Hala Madrid, Casillas and Raul for ever :d) but I never had the opportunity to go on Santiago Bernabeu. I also like winter sports, example ski jumping(I find it very interesting, maybe you not :d) Generally, I like very much the winter, is very funny to have snowball fights, to go outside with sleight, to rub the girls with snow(don't know if you practice this too, boyz xd) I'm student in math-info high-school, 10 class and i speak English and Spanish and can (only) understand Italian, Portuguese and French. I like most kind of musics but mostly rock and pop.

About my FT History: I started to play FT1(Summer 2008, during the Beijing Olympics) when I was playing other game and dumy sent FT to me and other friends(atm only we're still playing) I had my first Niki:RaoulTheBest(but never could make more than level 25 on it, always trying to play basic with Dumy but my front skill failed. ^^ Then i created a Shua, xxXRAOULXxx(now is 90str/60dex) with intention to level it max(level 50) but wasn't abble so I stopped play FT. When I came back in FT world, FT already became FT2, the world of scammers, I still remember how I was picking red gems in casttle and at the end of the day being scammed. [bit stupid ;(] I created a little shua and played only battle on it and now I'm level 53(started to play basic too,name RaouITheBest) Then I joined Conscience, Prophecy(with my high shua, xxXRAOULXxx, place where I had the opportunity to improve my battle single skill and won my first tournament, was Versus Tournament(thanks god, for all those souls and th in crystals ;d)
After this, I took a break(again ^^) and when I was back I created Romanian club but seems romanian likes only shooters. (S4, Counter Strike) Then i joined HardRock[I think there I improved as player(battle doubles), also as person(I hope)]
I won a battlemon tournament(battle) and the hardest opponent(UserJm, best bm player ever, the boy who taught me how to play, lost vs me with 2-1 in Quarter-Finals xd) Also I won other tournaments but the most recently was last Battle Versus, won with my niki, Camaleones. Nowadays I joined Essence with intention to improve my basic skill and I use RaouITheBest(full wil, rest str, dex clothes for back) and my Lucy, SimonAmmann (full str, rest dex for front)

About other computer games: I like football games, sports generally(RTL Ski jumping), I don't like shooters very much(rarely play with my friends).^^ In my opinion, the best football game is Euro 2008, if you like it we can play. ^^ I also like strategy games. (Age of empires 2, Rise of nation)

I hope now you know me better than before. ;d

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2 Re: Ra-ra-ratatouile xD on Mon Nov 01, 2010 1:17 pm

Fantastic introduction! Very Happy
I like the way u are playing with my Goethe jokes, best way to answer stuff like this. Anyway! My quote in effect forums signature was really epic xD

I'm also a fan of winter sports, especially ski jumping, although the german ski jumper got worse and worse with every year, 5 years ago we were one of the best jumper nations (Hannawald, Schmidt with better mood, Uhrmann) but nowadays.. just sux. But no problem, I'm still supporting Morgenstern and watching it every winter.
For sure I agree about ur methods to fool girls with snow! Here it's like a tradition, girl's faces into the snow is a very nice combo xD

What the...? Even in ur country u got the RTL Ski jumping game? Thought it's limited to germany, well not my favourite game but I'm curious if u know other RTL games, too. You've ever heard about RTL Alarm für Cobra 11? It's more or less an action game. xD

Whatever, nice to gave it a try, Andrei.

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3 Re: Ra-ra-ratatouile xD on Mon Nov 01, 2010 3:57 pm

an introduction which I wouldve not expected by u. gives me a whole new impression of u. it's good to hav u here, c ya ingame Wink

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4 Re: Ra-ra-ratatouile xD on Mon Nov 01, 2010 5:30 pm

Thanks, Diana!
I started to watch ski jumper's show in 2002 January when Hannawald won with number 50 the 50th edition of 4 Hills Tournament and then I was his fan, also in Sault-Lake City when Ammann steal magicaly(Harry Potter^^) both gold medals. Germany get at limit 1st place in team tournament. xD Nowadays I think the best german is Newmayer.(something like this) Best of all is and will be Adam Malysz in my opinion, even I always was for his concurence..Hannawald, Morgenstern, Ammann and I think in the near future the new talent Schlierenzauer. xd

Yes, I can play RTL Ski Jumping/Biathlon/Winter Sports but I didn't try any other game in RTL collection. I've never heard about RTL Alarm für Cobra 11 but I'll try to download to check how it is.

P.S: Better be funny than angry. ^^

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5 Re: Ra-ra-ratatouile xD on Mon Nov 01, 2010 6:48 pm

Goethe wrote:I like very much the winter

+1. My reasons are different from yours though (i like it better fresh/cold weather than hot weather, most definitely).

Goethe wrote:when I was back I created Romanian club

Is it the "ROMANIA" club by any chance?
To be honest, i couldnt count the times ive been kicked by that club, during CM editions. But thats the past. ^^'

Very nice intro, and welcome! cheers

P.S. Now i see why HighD wanted u so badly: both soccer addicted. You even knew that Napoli won (2 times) italian Serie A during the 80s, gratz! Btw, my team is Inter. drunken

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