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Ike/Samu xD

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1 Ike/Samu xD on Sun Oct 31, 2010 2:39 pm

I decided to present myself, as well^^

My name is Samuel, short Samu, I'm German and also live in Germany.
I've been born in Kirchheim (small town) close to Stuttgart, in south of Germany and still live one town further there^^
I'm 16 years old at the moment, 2.08.1994
Well, school: I'm on a "Gymnasium" in German and visite the 10th class atm.

Hobbies: I like meeting friends of couse^^, dancing (standart&latin-american, bit jumpstyle), also I'm very interested in many Animes and Mangas. Videogames for sure too^^ especially "animestyled" ones. Favourites are Kingdom Hearts, Fire Emblem and some others.
I also practiced athletics something like 5 years.

In-game my first char was ike and I think some people now me^^
but nowadays I play more with Leanne.
I've been playing since over 2 1/2 years and still play activly.
My mate is Willy (FlashLady) unfortunately he isn't able to play atm, because of his computer.
I'm pure basic player, but sometimes, if I'm tired of searching basic opponents, I also search in battle rooms. Guardian I just play to level actually or if someone asks me lol. I prefer playing with skill than playing with charge. In past I always was used to be back, but nowadays I also try front.

Sometimes I play other onlinegames like Dragonica. Also tested WoW, s4 and Loco, but all of them boring after some time imo. Maybe I'll test LoL anytime, but I'm also ready to start any other onlinegame, if someone calls me.

I really like playing/chatting/phoning with Camaliii, j1n, Kijara, Tabula, soy, pedrin and some others^^
So I think enough for the moment

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2 Re: Ike/Samu xD on Sun Oct 31, 2010 9:25 pm

The other day I was reading ur post in Effect - The End and u mentioned me so friendly Embarassed , but I forgot to quote it. Ye, ike and me is the best example of misunderstanding, of solving problems and afterwards become friends. I guess we had a different picture of us before we spoke a bit. Still I'm a dickhead and don't like all of ur FT friends, but that's not the point. It's good to have u here, although Arrow ...

I really like playing/chatting/phoning with Camaliii, j1n, Kijara, Tabula, soy, pedrin and some others^^

.. I'm just 4.! xDD

Cya Samu

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3 Re: Ike/Samu xD on Mon Nov 01, 2010 1:34 pm

xDD it's no ranking list^^

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