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HighDi Klum - Gosh, just another german...

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1 HighDi Klum - Gosh, just another german... on Mon Oct 25, 2010 9:39 am

So it's my turn. Generally it would be cool to see more introductions, especially since some of us didn't know each other until they joined Essence.

If I'm not wrong I hadn't made any introduction in effect forums, so I'm not used to do sorta things, but I swear I will steal an apple (Not electronic stuff freaks >_> I mean the apple what u can get from trees!) from the next supermarket just to say I'm a crazy fruits stealer Wink

My name is Thomas and I'm 19 years old, actually a cool age. 18 was like.. bah dude, u become adult and 20 is like.. omg, only 60 years left in ur life. So, 19 is pretty nice, u can earn ur own money with ur own hands but u can still live at home without getting harsh comments by ur friends. I will enjoy the last 5 months of being in the league of 19's.

I am born in Berlin, nowadays living in a smaller town but still very near to the german capital. I'm doing an apprenticeship as an office communication assistant, no big deal and I got a very cool boss. It's kinda important if u are on the same wavelength as ur boss, the rest is a piece of cake then.

In my freetime I like to play football, I stopped to play it in a club 2 years ago due financial problems of my club and I hadn't really the motivation to play in a different team. Moreover if u have once problems with injuries, u'll get them always. I twisted my knee like 10 times xD Well generally football is prolly one of the most important things in life for me. I'm supportin Bayern Munich, there are good and bad times, atm it's terrible and the best player are injured. Whatever, a club should consists out of more than only 3-4 good player, and Bayern Munich is lacking this a lot. My favourite player are Eden Hazard, Edin Dzeko and Manuel Neuer. Usually I am playin the position Offensive Midfielder (Playmaker) or Left Winger.

Well, besides football, I like every relation to movies. May it be cinema, US series, watching alone (better, cuz no annoying friends which can't concentrate if there's a boring phase), watching with friends.. I'm really a filmnerd. Quentin Tarantino is my favourite as director, films like Kill Bill or the epic Pulp Fiction will be never forgetten. I hope he will go to make his new film as soon as possible, although the person who cut his films just died.. Well he confirmed that one of the next films will be Kill Bill Vol. 3 in 2014, I hope it's enough space for a new one. I will go on with films in a seperate thread.


In FT I'm more or less known as TabulaRasa or Atlantis.
Usually playing Basic, but rusty as hell there. It's nowadays a zone for charging bobs and even unskilled player can bash u with 2 perfects, boring as hell. But hell, what do u expect from an alaplaya game. I'm not that often connected anymore as in the past, due the ignorance of alaplaya. I've still the ghost-user bug and must reject 8 people everytime I log in or when I have to change the channel. So, when I change from Pro-Channel to Tournament and back I have to click "no" 16 times Very Happy
Atm I'm playing a lot League of Legends with Atom, pedrin, serry, SoyP, Safe, DianeSimmons, Patro and so on. Great game, with a better publisher than alaplaya, almost weekly updates, u can find games in.. 2 seconds? Great balance (But 2 or 3 champions), at the end it's the game Fantasy Tennis could have been. FT has/had a great potencial, it's an almost dead game but who knows, maybe there is smth like a future for this game. Whatever, would be cool to meet u there too. Here's the link:

So far, cya

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2 Re: HighDi Klum - Gosh, just another german... on Mon Oct 25, 2010 11:37 am

ohhh, you've never been more likable than now to me :p

who are these imbalanced champs? jus askin out of curiousity ofc....

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3 Re: HighDi Klum - Gosh, just another german... on Mon Oct 25, 2010 12:17 pm

Well my plan says: Post 1-10 being friendly and then we'll see.
About the champs.. well every fat fed champion is dangerous for sure, may it be Teemo or even one of the worst charas: Sivir.

But generally, for me Tryn is overpowered since the last buffed patch, Garen is also kinda imba (The user behind can be nub and he is still able to tank + kill, too), Mordekaiser is so far the champ with the most haters, forums are full with "Omg nerf Morde".

And in my opinion, all the energy guys (Kennen, Akali, Shen, ...) have an advantage to Mana people.

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stop trying to steal the last motivated player from ft.

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U craptalker, yesterday I even asked u to play FT meanwhile ppl waited us in League of Legends, happy enough?

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"18 was like.. bah dude, u become adult and 20 is like.. omg, only 60 years left in ur life. "

lol I kinda think like this way too
with 20 your already death... and plan your funeral loel
kidding ...but 20 bah xD 20, 30, 40 ,50 time flows so fast D

"I twisted my knee like 10 times xD"
just lol... poor knee

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Bayern Munich fan xD Your team played 2-3 weeks ago in UCL against Cfr Cluj(Romanian team) and you won with 3-2, 2 own-goals and the 3rd was half own-goal. I think you was very sad in 2000, when Manchester Utd had the greatest come-back in UCL finals, 2 goals in extra-time. ;d

My math teacher is Bayern Munich fan, too. ^^

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Yep, and tomorrow we are playin in Cluj. I don't want to be pussy but really, I would be happy with deuce. Olic just got injured, van Bommel.. Robben.. Ribery.. Badstuber.. Contento.. Klose, we have a bad team at the moment. Gotta say I really like the forward of Cluj, forgot his name.. Traore? Seems as a very big talent. Only 20 years old but he knows where's the goal.

Thx a lot for remembering me back to the Manu game! xD We have well played, until 90. min ^^ Btw, was 99 not 2000. Moreover the comeback by Liverpool vs AC Milan was the same league.

Well let's see who wins tomorrow, I won't underrate Cluj.

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Yes,that fking Traore which took a red card against Otelul Galati in Romanian League. He seems to be a talent but I dislike his aggresive game,he isn't fair play.
I'm really sad that Otelul Galati made 1-1 against CFR Cluj(CFR Cluj scored in min 90).

I hope Bayern will win at Cluj,I'm Bayern fan too.

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