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Sloppie Klopie would like to find the essence of FT

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Since i don't wanna re-write everything i'll follow the application guidlines as close as possible.

# Your age, name and location
29, Leonardo, Zurich, Switzerland

# Your hobbies, what kind of person you are
I'm all into: joggin', ping pong, music, readin', films and i'm interessted in pretty much everything new

I am: stubborn, trustworthy, loyal, nice (most of the time), dumb (also most of the time), interested, boring, easily amused, and what not...

# What kind of player are you?
Basician...doubles only

# What position do you play?
If that counts, the newb possition. My role in my team usually is the one that has to hit the balls out or give free points to the opponents. And since that can be done pretty much everywhere on the court...

# How long have you played?
Long enough so i don't remember when i actually started to play.

# Why do you want to join Essence?
Lemme be honest here; i actually don't know. But i think there are some pretty cool people in this club. And it makes it easier for me to stay in touch with them this way

Yours sincerely


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haha .. I like your application. I always smile when I talk or read your word. Hope you are good luck for your application. Anyways you're always one of my best friends. (I am older than you just two years) Razz

Welcome & Good Luck Razz


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Hi and welcome in the our forum.
I have a little question for u XD
What is the name of ur chara in FT ? XD



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Damn it, another Swiss person Razz
We have three people who live in Switzerland now, (me, xSaber and you).

Nice application, good luck.

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Welcome Dude and GL for ur apply.

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joa welcome and good luck!

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Welcomen Lenoardo GL here.

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Klopie! Atlantis here, hey old film mate!
Probably one of the coolest persons I met so far in 3 years Fantasy Tennis, u can have every kind of talks with him. The other day we were talkin' about the usage of "movie" and "film". Why people usually say film instead of movie. He's so fun.

I hope u will get accepted, since Atom and me decided to be more or less inactive we won't see us that often I guess, but hey.. things may change, at least I will tell him that u are still alive!

Keep ur nose clean Leo

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Welcome, Leo! (another leo^^)

HighD wrote:The other day we were talkin' about the usage of "movie" and "film". Why people usually say film instead of movie.

Romanian version for movie is film.

Good luck for you aplication! Cya

League of Legends - BestJannaTrollEU [EU-W]
Fantasy Tennis - SimonAmmann/RaouITheBest

10 For A Janna <3
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leooo Very Happy nice to see u here
we had rly nice matches at noobs times like 2-4h in the morning
welcome here

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I hope you do not plan to join with your chara "Klopie".

Don't forget you are in MY club with that char.

That would lead to consequences, yooo

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I'm happy to tell you this, you've been accepted as Essence member. We'll see you ingame.

Have fun and try to stay as long as possible.

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Kyon wrote: "Try to stay as long as possible"

Haha ... Leo !! .. Do you hear it?
Please stay as long as possible. I repeat it for you. Very Happy

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