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X-mas presents/gifts

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1 X-mas presents/gifts on Tue Dec 14, 2010 5:33 pm

Well clubbie, 10 days left till you know what to buy.
Every year the same shit.
You dunno what to buy or even why you buy Very Happy ( don´t come with " due to its x-mas" )
That will be my 4th year that I will " celebrate" x-mas.
Thanks my girlfriend -_-! Darn it, I knew sth was wrong when we´ve started a realtionship.

If you aren´t bashfully , list here your ideas.
Could be really helpfully for everyone!


- A popular game like activity / tabu / scrubble or even monopoly rocks imo.

- well, cards for theater ( or concert) , its not really my business but I think it could be cool, I guess I will buy it for my girlfriend ( in my case theater-cards).

- "Take-a-picture-and-glue-it-of-a-board-and-hang-it-up"
yea...dunno if you already know this. At first I thought if I should do it for my gf. But now I think I will do it for myself \o/.
It´s easy but imo a very cool present.
You choise a picture which you like it..print it in..mmhh lets say..2mx1m ( well the size as you want actually, you can do it at home about your printer - standart option)

then you have to take a board ..glue it and hang it up.

Maybe its helpfully for guys who has complexe/psychological problems with some specific size on their body o.o

well, that´s already all from my side.
Would be rlly cool if this thread goes wild even I am too late maybe :p.

so, you´re the next Wink

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2 Re: X-mas presents/gifts on Tue Dec 14, 2010 6:57 pm

Synomi wrote:
- "Take-a-picture-and-glue-it-of-a-board-and-hang-it-up"

You choise a picture which you like it..print it in..mmhh lets say..2mx1m ( well the size as you want actually

2mx1m? god no pls D:
I think every girl would be afraid of such a big size where you can see every detail xD

my idea for x-mas is a smaller version of your idea
I buyed a lil hmmm electronic key chain? it´s like a mini electronic picture frame where u can upload photos by an usb stick. the pics change every seconds by themselves like a diashow. upload some funny pics of your family, friends etc
it´s just a pf present xD imo I love you
if you feel bored or lonely u can take it out of jacket-pocket and laugh about it Very Happy

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